Halloween Builds (Contest Results)

Using fly to check out Detective Panda's entry in the Frostcraft Halloween contest. It is a large pumpkin made of Minecraft pumpkin blocks. It is lit on the eyes and mouth. Screengrab taken from Bedrock version (Nintendo Switch).

Oop, a little behind here with the blog updates. We have been moving a bit more of our stuff around. Now that things have balanced back in place, there is a matter of our spooky Halloween contest. We had a few people that seemed interested in it, but a bit slow for our first year. Since only about 2 people entered the build contest, it was decided to not give out prizes. However, staff was walking around the contest warp and enjoying a little quiet. With the pumpkin block, Detective Panda made a larger pumpkin to accompany the builds surrounding. Staff member Kat sees it from her Minecraft home every night, as its just within the world map’s render distance.

On the far end of our designated area is the entry that Cuddles (the Bunny Boy) created. It isn’t your typical haunted house. From a distance, you can just see this large fish skull, remnants of a creature that swims in our biome waters. Around it was a lot of netherstone and tall plant life, with vines hanging from it. An archway made of bones leads to an area dedicated to the builder’s friends in-game. Take a look at the full exploration and you will see there was more to the build than just what was outside.

With Halloween is over, I hope you enjoyed the pumpkins at spawn, I am working with some of my friends and staff to bring you a wonderful holiday event where you can explore an amazing winter wonderland, so we will be busy working on that. There is also a holiday texture pack which will slowly bleed into the main texture pack. You won\’t need 10000000+ packs running at the same time, causing you issues.

Due to issues we were having with our Minecraft server host, we are doing a bit of an IP address switcharoo. For all Java and Bedrock players: YOU MUST CONNECT through play.frostcraftmc.com and not a direct IP. The changeover ensures all player traffic is routed through a certain channel. Consider this your 24 hour warning

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